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Our law firm help to our clients in offshore bank accounts intro in Panama. Panama uses the American Dollar as it’s currency, so banking services are very easy and simple because there are no currency conversions. People and companies in the world use Panama bank accounts because in Panama the banks offer financial protection from their home governments tax authorities. Panama is a major international banking center. The Panama Banks do not report to your local government as do the banks in the USA, Canada, England and many other countries. All interest income or capital gains income is tax free in Panama and there are no reporting requirements to the Panamanian government, this an advantage for the foreigners investors.


Panama banks offer almost the same kind of services that your local broker offers now. You can invest in time deposits or CD’s with the Panama banks or invest right back into stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, money markets, etc. The banks in Panama offer access to your bank account info about your funds through Visa Credit Cards, Debit Cards, ATM Cards, Checkbooks, brokerage services and online banking. The Panama bank accounts have meny bennefits for the foreign clients.


The Panama banks are reputable, registered and insured international banks and brokers, so your funds are totally safe. There are many different factors that may motivate individuals to establish offshore bank accounts in Panama.


In some cases people establish personal offshore bank accounts with your Panama corporate offshore bank account, we recommend that our clients establish a corporation in Panama with a corporate bank account or brokerage account (or both). You are appointed as the sole signatory on the Panama offshore bank account so you maintain complete control over your funds. Offshore Panama corporations provide you with total anonymity and confidentiality. Panama offshore corporations offer "Bearer Share Certificates" and "Nominee Directors", plus there are no taxes or reporting requirements to the Panamanian government.


Bearer shares enable you to own a corporation without anyone knowing you own it because the shares of the corporation are not registered to you, rather they are registered to "The Bearer". In other words, they are like cash and can be passed from one person to the next without having to re-register them or report it to anyone. We send you the Bearer shares once the Panama offshore corporation and the Panama bank account is established.


Nominee directors for the corporation are provided by our legal staff so that you do not have to appear at the Panama Public Registry when the corporation is established. By using nominee directors, you remain completely confidential and anonymous. We provide you with pre-signed, undated letters of resignation from the nominee directors so that you can replace them at any time through another Panamanian attorney if you wish to do so. The nominee directors have no control over the corporation, the Panama offshore bank account or your funds and they are only there to fill in the blanks on the corporations articles of incorporation at the Public Registry. The nominee directors can also be used to sign contracts, agreements, or sign for any other type of transaction that you wish to engage in.

Panama Legal Consultants

- Panama Law Firm -
For more information please contact us:
Tel: (507) 6714-9326