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Panama Legal Fees


Panama Law Firm Services - Legal Fees

Foreigners, whether residents or non-residents, enjoy the same rights and privileges when purchasing and selling real property as do Panamanian citizens.


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Panama Offshore Structures
Panama Basic Corporation OR Foundation Package (Promotion) $1000 + tax + Courier
Complete Enhanced Offshore Structure Package - Corporation/Foundation $ 3000 + tax + Courier
Transfer of Panama entity to our Registered Agent/Office $950 + tax
Re-domicile of entity to Panama & our Registered Agent/Office $1000
Anual Renewals
Renewal Legal Fee per entity (Panama) $300 by year
Government Corporate Franchise Tax per entity (Panama) $300 by year
Government Late Fee for Corporate Franchise Tax (Panama) $50 annual
Gov. Late Fee (2nd Penalty) for Corporate Franchise Tax (Panama) $300
Panama Immigration ( Passports and Visas )
Pensionado Visa - Legal fees for primary applicant $1200
Pensionado Visa - Legal fees for spouse
Pensionado Visa - Government fees per person $200
Small Reforestation Business investment of at least $40,000
Phase 1- One year Provisional Resident Visa US$3,000
Phase 2 - 1st renewal Provisional Resident Visa US$1,300
Phase 2 - 2nd renewal Provisional Resident Visa US$1,300
Phase 2 - 3rd renewal Provisional Resident Visa US$1,300
Phase 3 - Permanent Resident Visa US$2,500
Phase 3 - Naturalization (Optional) US$5,500
Regular Reforestation Business investment of at least $80,000
Phase 1 - One year Provisional Resident Visa: US$2,500
Phase 2 - Permanent Resident Visa: US$2,000
Phase 3 - Naturalization (Optional): US$4,500
Immediate Panama Passport Program  
Legal Fee - Processing of Panama Passport US$4,000
Government Fees and Costs US$800
Multiple Entry and Exit Visa
Multiple Entry & Exit Visa (1 year or less) US$260
Multiple Entry & Exit Visa (2 years) US$320
Legal Corporate Services
Corporate Seal (Rubber) US$50
Corporate Seal (Metal) US$80
Corporate name verification in Panama public registry Free
Service fee for payment of tax (Panama) US$25
Change of Directors or Officers (Panama) US$300
Dissolution of Entity (Panama) US$450
Issuance of new share certificates US$125
Change of Corporation or Foundation Name (Panama) US$300
Panama Nominee Directors Service Included Free
Corporate Mail Forwarding Service - annual fee US$300 / yr
Courier shipping/handling fee per package US$50
Directors Signatures on Documents US$15 / sig.
Appostile of Document (Panama) US$45
Notary of Document (Panama) US$25
Certified Translation of Documents (English) US$20 / pg
Certificate of Incorporation (Panama) US$60
Commercial Business License (Panama) US$500
Legal Consulting US$100 / hr
Panama Open Bank Accounts
Panama Basic Bank Account US$600
Panama Bank Account & Brokerage Account with offshore secured Mastercard Package and no-name Cirrus/Maestro card US$750
Financial Corporate Account opening assistance through any of our recommended financial institutions. US$500 - US$700
Escrow Services
Complete Offshore Structure & Property Purchase Package US$3,500
Public Registry Property Title Transfer US$1,155
Mortgage Contract US$200
Courier fee to send property documents US$50
Draft Promise to Buy-Sell Contract US$200

Panama Legal Consultants

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