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Panama Offshore Corporation Services

Panama Offshore Corporation

About Panama Offshore Services

For the investors of other countries, Panama its a great country for make transactions of another jurisdictions. The most important Panama Offshore service is the creation of Panama Corporations because are the appropiate mechanism for protect your assets. The panama commercial law offer the best opportunity for have your investments and assets under a good jurisdiction. The currency in Panama is the US Dollar. All this is a great advantage for create Panama corporations. Our legal department offer assistance about Panama offshore services.


The stability in this country and his economic development, has transformed in one of the most representative tax paradise of the world. This investors choose our Panama Offshore Services for create this Corporations.


Panama has mejored its economy promoving the tourism and the foreign investment. In Panama dont exists money restrictions for the Panama offshore services. The most importante use for Panama offshore corporations is the asset protection, tax minimization and privacy of investment. With the Panama corporation we can open brokerage accounts, or any other type of asset protection or international trade, to be used with trusts or foundations. Panama offshore corporations are formed for the movement of funds to another jurisdiction or for the protection of the assets.


The Incorporation of an entity or Panama corporation may take between three or five working days (If you are in another country add the shipping time). Two natural persons are necessary for appear in a Notary. Our law firm include with the Panama corporation services, the inclussion of a resident agent.


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