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Panama Private Interest Foundation

Panama Offshore Foundation History

Private Interest Foundation come into existence upon registration in Panama Public Registry by law No. 25 of June 12, 1995. The Panama Government designed the Panama Private Interest Foundation with the objective of creating a flexible and affordable option for people that want to protect their assets. This is a very useful instrument in the planning of inheritances and for asset protection, as a Trust due, but also very similar to Corporations.


Panama Private Interest Foundation assets have a different legal identity from the other funds or assets for protect to the beneficiaries. Panama Offshore Foundations offer many kind of advantages, like legal protection, privacy to the Founders and Beneficiaries of the Foundation.


The Private Interest Foundations must be constitute as non profit organizations, with an Initial Patrimony Amount of US10,000.00. Private Interest Foundations expenses and annual fees are very similar to Corporations. They operate tax free when your incomes are offshore and the address could be changed any time.


The Panama Private Interest Foundation is a combination between two entities: a corporation and a trust. A Panama Foundation is different to other kind of offshore entities because are not the legal representation of a natural individual or group, the Panama foundtaion represent a legal entity that don't have share-holders or partners, and don't have an owner, and has a determinated function for the benefit of a general group of persons.

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